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Tzu chi - university of science and technology, a consortium of tzu chi schools, collects fees from student

Tzu chi - university of science and technology, a consortium of tzu chi schools, collects fees from student

October 28, 2008

The 90th executive council meeting

The 3rd amendment of the 177th executive Coal of the on November 3,2017

1st article

These measures are formulated in accordance with the regulations promulgated by the ministry of education on September 2, 1997 on the law of collecting fees from students of colleges or higher education and the regulations promulgated on June 13 1997 on collecting fees from students of colleges of higher education.


2nd article

The fees charged by the school are classified as follows:

1.Tuition fees: refers to the expenses directly related to teaching activities, which are used to pay for teaching, auxiliary studies, research and personnel of the school .

2.Miscellaneous expenses: refers to expenses indirectly related to teaching activities, which are used to pay for school administration, business, experiments and basic equipment

3.Agency fees charged by the school for handling student affairs

 4.Fee: fees and deposit for students to use special equipment and facilities.


Article 3

The school shall calculate the tuition fees listed in the first and second paragraphs of the preceding article on the basis of credit fees, credit tuition and miscellaneous fees or the base of tuition and miscellaneous fees


Article 4

The school may adjust the tuition and miscellaneous fees under the basic amplitude modulation and the information disclosure procedure and the research and disclosure procedure, and submit it to the ministry of education for approval and then implement


Article 5

The fees listed in article 2 (3) of the agency fees as follows: Food expenses, insurance premiums, health insurance premium, extracurricular activities, health examination fees and other agency fees


Article 6

Article 2 the charges for the use fee in paragraph 4 are as follows:

Accommodation fee, computer and network communication fee (computer access fee and network fee), computer printing fee, internship transportation fee, site and equipment fee, certificate replacement, certificates of achievement, graduation certificate, etc.) and other fees; All kinds of deposit (classroom lock, dormitory lock, library card and course guidance, etc.).


Article 7

The security deposit received for the use of school equipment will be returned unconditionally after a period of use.


Article 8

The accounting and auditing activities for tuition and miscellaneous fees, agency fees and usage fees are as follows:

1.A breakdown of revenues and expenditures shall be established

2.A recipe with a serial number shall be issued for the collection: Tuition and miscellaneous fees shall be collected by a financial institution on its behalf, and the receipt shall be recognized according to the stamp of the institution and the agent.

3. The income and expenditure details shall be disclosed in each semester, and the necessity and rationality of income and expenditure items shall be timely reviewed.

4. Fees charged by the school shall be incorporated into the scope of the annual audit by the accountant and shall be expressed in a special chapter.


Article 9

All fees charged by the school to students shall be open and transparent in their financial affairs, and a financial disclosure section shall be set up on the school website to announce the financial affairs of the school in accordance with the financial information disclosure framework, and a special person shall be appointed to provide consultation.


Article 10

These measures shall be adopted by the executive council, approved by the President and announced for implementation



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